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Goin' Wild for our Wildscape!

By: srust

"The Stonewall Garden also includes a wildscape, planted nearly 15 years ago.  The plants in this area include native and adapted wildflowers, grasses, vines and trees.  Students see it going to seed in the fall, and watch the birds come to feast on these plants.  What’s left is gathered for sowing in the spring."

-taken from



[image] picture 1 


[image] picture 2


[image] picture 3


[image] picture 4


[image] picture 5


[image] pictures 6


[image] picture 7

Stonewall Jackson students gain inspiration from sitting and quietly observing the changes in our wildscape. Students are intrigued by the transformations that occur day to day and season to season. They observe and record the differences in leaf structures, stem direction, petal shapes, contrast in texture, size variations, and of course the remarkable colors. Students are then encouraged to conduct creative writing or art in which they implement the amazing sight they see. The beauty that is discovered from interacting with the garden stretches among all core content areas at Stonewall Jackson.


Examples of 1st grade free-hand art work inspired by the wildscape:


Brigg's Larkspur

[image] Brigg's Larkspur


Ella's Indian Blanket

[image] Ella's Indian Blanket

Allison's Bluebonnet

[image] Allison's Bluebonnet





Ella's Purple Prairie Clover


[image] Ella's Purple Prairie Clover



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