Project Title: Fifth Grade Journaling
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Fifth Grade Mapping and Journaling

By: sclegg

Every week when Stonewall Jackson students go to the garden they record data and observations in their journals.  This spring, the students mapped the plants in the garden and took note of the creatures that were on or near their plants.  They fastened a black and white copy of the map into their journals.

[image] SJ Map

Then the students explored the wildscape around the north and south islands to identify plants and mark them on the map. 

[image] Dennise and daisies

[image] Fistum looking at mint

They also recorded the creatures such as insects or birds that they observed near the plants.

[image] Josh looking for caterpillars

Students knew to search for familiar insects such as the Gulf fritillary butterfly larvae on the passion vine.

[image] shakira journaling

Some enjoyed stopping to draw the plants so they could remember them later.



[image] girls journaling

The students reflected on their experiences in their journals as well.

[image] journal entry

After taking time to slow down and draw, the students and teachers feel much calmer when they return to the classroom.

[image] sara and katie

We all appreciate the life around us when we take time to notice.

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