Project Title: Marathonkids Pledge
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Marathonkids Jogging Program


All 620 students reach their goal of a Marathon by the end of the year.  Students are also rewarded throughout the year by trying to collect feet for ever 5 miles (2-5th) and 3 miles (K&1).  Once they reach their Marathon they are given a 26.2 token, free t-shirt and recongized at assemblies

Notice on the e-news regarding  the Final Mile:


Wyatt students are invited to participate in the Whole Foods Final Mile. It is
March 24th at 10:00 a.m. at Loos Stadium in Addison. Each participant will
receive their finisher medal. This event is not required to receive their Free
t-shirt. Each student at Wyatt will receive this shirt in late May. Please view
the attached file for more information. For questions please contact Coach
McCrary at

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