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Results Page Builder by jduncan
When you start a new project, and write a draft description of the project, how come you can't see the project when you are on the results page builder, why is it still under my pages? Help!
Report - March 11, 2013
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hkutchin: Any idea why my videos won't load?
June 15, 2013 - Report
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Start Project Problem by QuitmanTEED
Hey. I'm Spencer Capps the Quitman High School Student Council TEED Leader. I just created this account to post projects the we have and will participate in. I'm trying to start a new project under My Projects, but I'm not seeing anything to click to start projects and submit them. Question 6 on FAQS hasn't helped me any so I'd deeply appreciate it if any could help me out. Thank you.
Report - October 15, 2012
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Organizer: Spencer, thanks for the question. The reason you are not seeing the START NEW PROJECT button is that only teachers are able to start Projects at this time (for security purposes). However, teachers are able to start Projects and then INVITE you into them using the INVITE MEMBERS button. Once you are inside of the Project, the teacher can change your role from student to MODERATOR for that project and then you can run it as if you were the teacher. So the steps are: 1) Have a teacher register and start the Projects you want to run 2) Have them go into each project and locate the Project Members widget >Add Members button 3)They will give you the INVITE CODE that you will enter into the JOIN PROJECT box upon logging in (for each project). 4) Once you have joined each project, your teacher can click into each project, visit the PROJECT MEMBERS widget>ASSIGN ROLES button, and change your role to MODERATOR. 5) You know have the abilities to run that Project completely. If you still have any questions after reading this send us an email at or use the CONTACT US link in the upper right hand corner of the site.
November 1, 2012 - Report
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Help Video and FAQ by Organizer
Have questions about the site? This is the right place to ask them. Also, check out the QUICK TOUR video and FAQS on the HELP PAGE.
Report - September 11, 2012
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