How to Enter

The Energy Challenge is an opportunity for your school to show the world what you are doing to help promote energy awareness and/or conservation.

Goals of the Challenge:

  • Increase energy awareness and conservation by students, staff, and the community
  • Heighten awareness of K-12 school energy activities and provide collaboration opportunities

Judging Criteria:

Submissions will be judged by the KidWind team based on:

  • Quality of published activity (Tells a story of what/how was accomplished; Pictures/video help bring the activity to life; Helpful to those who might be interested in implementing a similar initiative; Illustrates results)
  • Number of students and/or community members involved
  • Success of program


  • Submissions must be made by teachers and students in grades K-12
  • Activities must be published in the Eco-Campus Cornerstone under the Energy Category.
  • When starting your activity on the Green Ribbon Schools website, in the KEYWORDS blank you must put the following words: Earth Month, Energy Challenge (If you've already published an activity and need to add these keywords please see the FAQ page)
  • Published activities must include text AND media (photo, video and/or audio) or it will NOT be considered (If you've already published an activity and need to add these keywords please see the FAQ page)
  • Activities must be published by May 15, 2012.


kidz sort recycle bin

Two winners will be chosen to receive the Basic Turbine PLUS Classroom Pack from KidWind, valued at $244, and a guaranteed workshop slot. Additionally, after publishing an activity on the GRS website to show how the kits were used each winner will receive a $50 gift card for the KidWind store.

The kit includes three complete Basic Turbine PLUS kits and comes with the additional material needed for a classroom of 24 students. With extra wind turbine blade materials, eight crimping hubs, and a total of six nacelles, the Basic Turbine PLUS Classroom Pack is enough material for a classroom to study, learn, and experiment with wind energy concepts. The inquiry based, hands-on learning that is accomplished with our turbine kits allows students to have concept discovery through intuitive problem solving.