Field Investigation

Field Investigation Field Investigation
When we investigate our local natural environments and collect data, we are able to ask questions that will lead to a better understanding of natural systems.

Activity Ideas
Garden as a Classroom
Provide instruction, guidance and learning experiences at a school garden or community garden
Native Plants Survey
Identify native plants on your schoolyard or nearby natural area.
Insect or Butterfly Survey
Compare insect abundance in a native plant garden to another garden on the school campus.
Wildlife Survey
Record evidence of wildlife in your schoolyard or nearby natural area.
Rain Run-Off Project
Measure rain run-off on a plot of land on your schoolyard. Then, plant that area with native grasses or construct a wetland habitat. Measure the run-off after the plants have matured.
Watershed Mapping
Identify and map your watershed.
Monarch Watch
Participate in tracking migration of butterflies
Field Days
Set up field days with outdoor learning stations. Use local biologists and scientists to learn about wildlife and habitats. Example: LANDS workshop.


Visit the Resources page for more ideas.

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Texas Dept. of Agriculture
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