Professional Dev & Leadership

Professional Dev & Leadership Professional Dev & Leadership
Real change often starts with great leadership. Trained leaders understand our natural surroundings and can better educate others about the natural world around us.

Activity Ideas
Professional Development
Attend a workshop on using nature, the environment and nature skills with curriculum. Examples include Project Learning Tree, ProjectWild, .
Nature Club
Sponsor a youth nature club, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Campfire, 4-H or other group at your school, community center, park , etc.
Student-led Nature Events
Host student-driven events that celebrate nature: Earth Day, National Trails Day, Clean-up events, etc.
Service Learning
Follow Service Learning process to investigate a local habitat need; create community partnerships; use youth voice and leadership; work to find and implement solutions. Reflect, share observations and discoveries, and celebrate your successes.
Youth Nature Training Partnerships
Develop a partnership with your local park, Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, or other orgnaization that will provide youth nature training
Student-led Outdoor Projects
Encourge youth and students to take the initiative to enhance and implement habitat projects and learning activities.
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