Energy Energy
To reduce energy consumption one must first know how much is currently being used, and then create ways to reduce that consumption.

Activity Ideas
School Energy Audits
Conduct an audit of the energy used at your school this month, for base lines and ongoing analysis
Energy Vampire Audits
Conduct energy vampire audits. Energy Vampires are appliances and lights that are left on when no one is using them. Examples would be computers, TVs, lights.
Lights-Off Campaign
Conduct a campaign to ensure that the lights are off when a room is not being used.
Use of Fluorescent or LED light bulbs/lights
Switch all lightbulbs to fluorescent and/or LED bulbs.
Energy Conservation Awareness Program
Develop a program to Promote Energy Conservation at your school. Reveal the types of waste that are occuring and offer ways to solve the problem.
Alternative Energy Source
Establish alternative energy sources such as: Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.
Student Proposals for Green Energy Design at School
Develop student proposals on structural issues: green roof, sustainable design, etc.
Explore Wind Energy


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