Pollution Pollution
The harmful pollutants that we introduce into the atmosphere impact the air we breathe. By reducing that amount of pollution and increasing the amount of air cleansing plant life, we increase the overall health of our world and our bodies.

Activity Ideas
Air Quality Test
Conduct an air quality base line test at your school in several different rooms.
Toxic Chemical Cleaners Audit
Conduct audit of toxic cleaning chemical used at your school.
Toxic Chemical Cleaners Reduction Program
Develop a program to reduce and ultimately replace all toxic chemical cleaners with greener and healthier alternatives
Establish NO-IDLE Zone
Establish a "no idle zone" in your school parking lot, where cars must turn off their engines when parked and waiting.
Operation Styrofoam Free
Establish program to remove Styrofoam from the cafeteria.
Student Proposals for Pollution Reduction Strategies
Have students develop proposals for actions the school can put in place to reduce pollution.


Visit the Resources page for more ideas.

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