Green Spaces

Green Spaces Green Spaces
Creating green spaces on campus where we can be active and observe nature is key to both our health and understanding our world.

Activity Ideas
Outdoor Classroom
Create an outdoor classroom using natural spaces and places to sit for students to work, read and reflect.
Nature Playscape
Create a nature playscape by bringing natural elements and green spaces into the playground.
Community Garden
Create a community garden
Outdoor Exploration Area
Create outdoor exploration areas such as ponds, butterfly gardens, or bird observation areas (houses)
Vegetable and Herb Garden
Create vegetable and herb gardens
Water-Wise Landscaping
Plant low water use plants such as native plants, which also attract native wildlife.
Wildlife Habitat Project
Create wildlife habitat on the campus or nearby areas.
Classroom Plant Life Program
Establish "green inside" by developing a program that gets plants into each classroom to help filter the air
Butterfly Garden
Plant a butterfly garden at the school, local community center, hospital or nursing home for all to enjoy.


Visit the Resources page for more ideas.

Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association