Health Education

Health Education Health Education
Understanding what types of foods and exercise can truly be healthy for each individual is a very important part of one's plan to become healthier overall.

Activity Ideas
Health education in curriculum
Integrate health education in the classroom and model practices.
School/Staff Wellness
Teach staff and parents about health and nutrition- (ex. include scientifically-based articles on nutrition in PTA newsletter)
Best Practices
Employ best practices in health education based on districts identified needs.
Community Health Campaign
Expand health education through opportunities at community events.
Read the Label Campaign
Teach essentials of nutrition labels in curriculum and school campaigns.
Eat This, Not That Campaign
Create awareness with student-created posters on best foods.
In Control Campaign
Inspire indiviuals to make healthy choices by building confidence that indiviudals are in control of many of their lifestyle decisions.
Help by partnering with you local Health Department's nutrition or health community outreach programs.
Media Blast
Use morning announcements, school newsletters and websites to provide weekly fitness, nutrition and health tips.


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