Fitness & Physical Education

Fitness & Physical Education Fitness & Physical Education
These activities deliver the benefits of nature-related outdoor experiences to personal physical, mental and emotional health, helping reduce obesity and improving fitness.

Activity Ideas
Student Health Pledge
Have students set and track short and long-term measurable personal fitness and nutrition goals and pledge healthy lifetime fitness and nutrition habits
Fitness Leaders
Appoint a fitness leader from faculty, parent group and student body.
Unstructured Play
Offer opportunities for children (K-8) to engage in unstructured, spontaneous play in an outdoor setting. Studies show children move more in these settings. Help reluctant children get started in fun, free play.
Physical education in curriculum
Incorporate Physical education/ physical activity in the curriculum in accordance to TEKS standards at a minimum
Wellness Breaks
Allow for 5 minute activity and wellness breaks in class and at beginning of day, frequently participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity (per CSHP)
Improve Fitnessgram Scores
Wellness Plan
Develop and comply to a school wellness plan
Family Fitness and Fun Night
Organize a Family Fitness and Fun night
Adult Fitness School
Teach staff and parents about fitness- include (scientifically-based) articles on physical activity in PTA newsletter
Fitness Challenges
Participate in Marathon Kids/ Texas round up (or the many other options under resources)
Classroom Challenge
Have each classroom submit a game idea and have a school challenge or keep a jar of game ideas and pull an idea out for impromptu fun. Try party games that require little equipment or household items but challenge muscles and coordination.
Fitness Fidget & Fun campaign
Encourage movement and fitness within daily activities while walking between classes, sitting for long periods, doing chores. Make exercise a part of everyday movement.


Visit the Resources page for more ideas.

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