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Energy - Awareness or Reduction Program
Earth Savers Energy Lesson #1 Regina Butcher Nov 12,2012
Transportation - Carpooling
Earth Savers Transportation Lesson #1 Regina Butcher Nov 2,2012
Transportation - Biking/Walking
Earth Savers Transportation Lesson #2 Regina Butcher Nov 2,2012
Recycle/Waste - Trade/Reuse Program
Hallowgreen Regina Butcher Oct 29,2012

Nature Adventure

Exploration and Play - Field Trips & Projects
Kinder Field Trip to Gregg Clark Park Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Outdoor Skills - Outdoor Skills Training
Floating Down the River Regina Butcher Oct 30,2012
Fuentes Fourth Grade Challenge Regina Butcher Nov 15,2012
Nature Spaces - Other
Introduction to Earth Savers 2012-13 Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012

Health & Fitness

Nutrition & Healthy Eating - Nutrition
Fresh Food For Our Community Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Nutrition & Healthy Eating - Special Events
Healthy Morning Muffins Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Healthy Lifestyles - Special Events
Bring Your Dad to School Day Regina Butcher Nov 2,2012
Healthy Lifestyles - Healthivores VG Contest
Healthivores Stars Challenge Alma Yanez Nov 29,2012
Healthy Lifestyles - Fundraiser
Pennies for Patients Regina Butcher Jun 15,2013
Healthy Lifestyles - Special Events
Red Ribbon Week Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Walk or Ride Your Bike to School Day Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Fitness & Physical Education - Other
Health & Fitness After School Clubs Regina Butcher Oct 30,2012
Fitness & Physical Education - Healthivores VG Contest
Healthivores Candace Barnes Dec 2,2012

Natural Classrooms

Stewardship - Other
Earth Saver Global Citizenship Planning Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Stewardship - Special Events
Earth Savers Summit Community Event Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Stewardship - Other
Global Connections Letters Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Professional Dev & Leadership - Greenprint
Greenprint Challenge - Susie Fuentes Elementary Regina Butcher Oct 23,2012
Nature Curricula - Outdoor Classroom
McKinney Roughs Outdoor encounter for 5th grade Regina Butcher Jan 8,2013
Nature Curricula - Nature in Core Subjects
Nature and Non-Fiction Regina Butcher Nov 5,2012
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association