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Water - Other
Rain Garden through UT and the City of Austin Watershed Depa Laura Sykes Mar 10,2016
Pollution - Awareness or Reduction Program
Idle-Free Zone Laura Sykes Mar 16,2016
Recycle/Waste - Composting
Annual Neighborhood Pumpkin Composting Drive Laura Sykes Mar 10,2016
Recycle/Waste - Recycling Program
Battery Recycling through Austin Resource Recovery Laura Sykes Mar 10,2016
Recycle/Waste - Awareness or Reduction Program
Reducing Waste at our Fall Carnival Laura Sykes Mar 10,2016
TerraCycle to stronger use in the Cafeteria Laura Sykes Mar 10,2016
Recycle/Waste - Recycling Program
TerraCycle's Writing Instruments Brigade: Raising Awareness Laura Sykes Apr 8,2016
Recycle/Waste - Purchase of Recycled Materials
Up-Cycled Products supplying Campus-wide School Supplies Laura Sykes Mar 12,2016

Nature Adventure

Exploration and Play - Field Trips & Projects
Austin Nature and Science Center Field Trip Laura Sykes Mar 30,2016
Exploration and Play - Special Events
Back-To-School Fall Picnic Laura Sykes May 1,2016
Bryker Woods UNPLUGGED! Laura Sykes Apr 24,2016
Outdoor Skills - Outdoor Skills Training
The Outdoor School at Camp Champions Laura Sykes Mar 15,2016
Nature Spaces - Reflection and Creativity Outdoors
BWE's Outdoor School on the Banks of Shoal Creek Laura Sykes Apr 4,2016

Health & Fitness

Healthy Lifestyles - Special Events
AAPER Cross Country Run Laura Sykes Mar 15,2016
Healthy Lifestyles - Healthy Lifestyle Plan
BWE Bike Challenge Kick-Off for National Bike Month Laura Sykes Apr 28,2016
Healthy Lifestyles - Special Events
BWE National Bike to School Day! Laura Sykes May 17,2016
Healthy Lifestyles - Healthy Lifestyle Plan
Friday Bike Trains Laura Sykes Mar 11,2016
Healthy Lifestyles - Special Events
Marathon Kids Laura Sykes Mar 15,2016
Healthy Lifestyles - Coordinated School Health Program
New ZAP Program "Active4Me" - Making Biking and Walking to S Laura Sykes Mar 14,2016
Wellness Wednesdays Laura Sykes Mar 24,2016
Fitness & Physical Education - Special Events
All School Turkey Trot and Track Meet Laura Sykes Mar 15,2016
UT Volleyball Play Day Laura Sykes Mar 11,2016

Natural Classrooms

Stewardship - Landscaping and Irrigation
Living With Trees: Campus Watershed and Heritage Oaks Laura Sykes Mar 30,2016
Professional Dev & Leadership - Professional Development
Eco-Rise Youth Innovations Curriculum Laura Sykes Mar 14,2016
Nature Curricula - Nature Field Trips
M.A.R.E. Marine Activities & Resources in Education Laura Sykes Mar 30,2016
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association