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Energy - Alternative Energy
Future City Team Mary Connors Nov 28,2011
Pollution - Other
Eco-Friendly Bug Mary Connors Nov 28,2011
Recycle/Waste - Recycling Program
America Recycles Day Mary Connors Nov 15,2011
Electronics Recycling Program Mary Connors May 13,2012
Fall Festival Recycling Mary Connors Nov 28,2011
HalloGREEN Mary Connors Nov 13,2011
Paper Recycling Program Mary Connors Nov 28,2011
School recycling Program Mary Connors May 12,2012
Recycle/Waste - Trash Pickup
Trash Bash Mary Connors May 13,2012
Green Spaces - Indoor Plant Life
Bean Plants Mary Connors May 30,2012

Nature Adventure

Exploration and Play - Field Trips & Projects
Animal Kingdom Mary Connors May 30,2012
Exploration and Play - Outdoor Free Time
Daily outdoor recess Mary Connors Sep 27,2011
Exploration and Play - Field Trips & Projects
Green Meadows Farm Mary Connors May 11,2012

Health & Fitness

Healthy Lifestyles - Special Events
Red Ribbon Week Mary Connors Nov 13,2011
Fitness & Physical Education - Special Events
2nd Annual Eagle Pride 5K/1 mile run Mary Connors Nov 28,2011
Fitness & Physical Education - Fitness Challenge
Family Fitness and Fun Night Mary Connors Sep 26,2011
Fitness & Physical Education - Special Events
Jump Rope For Heart Mary Connors May 11,2012
Fitness & Physical Education - Fitness Challenge
President's Fitness Challenge Mary Connors May 12,2012

Natural Classrooms

Stewardship - Education or Media Campaign
Earth Friendly Announcements Mary Connors Oct 4,2011
Stewardship - Special Events
Earth Week Celebration Mary Connors May 12,2012
Professional Dev & Leadership - Other
Greenprint Mary Connors Nov 28,2011
Nature Curricula - Other
Garden as a classroom Mary Connors Nov 28,2011
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association