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KGRG Daily News

By: longhorn

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To reinforce nutrition, health, fitness and environmental lessons that our K-5 students are receiving during their physical education and gardening classes, we have started our very own KGRG news reporting team. The purpose of the news team is to give announcements, Monday through Friday, which will review students with important health, fitness, nutrition and environmental information covered in their classes. The team is made up of seven 4th grade and eight 5th grade girls. There are 5 teams of 3 girls each that report on a particular day of the week. Our radio station KGRG,( Kramer Green Ribbon and Garden) has a question/answer format that challenges the students to recall information that has been previously taught or may be new information that supports prior learning. Students are also reminded of upcoming events that support health, fitness, nutrition and recycling. We began this for the spring semester, but plan to make this a yearlong program next year.

Here are two examples of news reports:

Good morning! It is Tuesday, February 7th and it is time of the KGRG Daily News.

Ques.     Do you know why you need to include fruit in

             your daily diet? (wait 5 seconds)

Ans.       Fruits are full of important vitamins and minerals that

            your body needs. For example, an apple has 9 minerals

            and 10 vitamins. Different fruits have different vitamins

            and minerals, so make sure you eat a variety of fruits.

Sign off   Raise your hand if you had green hour play yesterday!

             Record your time daily. From KGRG have a healthy day!


Good morning! It is Friday, February 10th and it is time for the KGRG Daily News.

Ques.     If you have a choice, should you use styrofoam products

              or paper products?   (wait 5 secs.)

Ans.     Choose paper! Say no to styrofoam! It not only lasts for a

           long time, but it could cause problems for animals that

           might eat it. They could die. Styrofoam also takes up

           space and fills 30% of landfills worldwide.

Sign off  Don't forget GREEN HOUR PLAY and GET UNPLUGGED

               this weekend. Remember paper rules!

             This is KGRG wishing you a fun, healthy weekend.


As a result of our lessons in class and our daily reminders, our cafeteria manager, Ms. Perez, reported that her food and drink order has changed. Students are choosing healthier foods and drinks.  For example, students have started choosing 2% milk instead of the chocolate milk and they are eating more salads and fruits.

Diann Hynson                     Catherine Southwick

Girls Coach                        Science/Math/Garden Coordinator 

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