How to Become a Green Ribbon School

Six Simple Steps to Get Started:

Qualify for the “Green Ribbon Schools” award when you Publish the results of at least one "real world" project in each of the 4 Cornerstones. For more information on how to start and publish projects, please see the HOW TO VIDEOS on our Help page.

1. Register
Each person participating at your school will register (All teachers, all students and any parents who are approved to participate).

2. Build a Green Ribbon Schools Committee/Team:
Make sure your team consists of students and teachers. Even better, include parents, administrators and members of the community. Then name your team something fun!

3. Make a Plan and Take Action:

  • Determine the needs of your school and community by meeting with Principals, Teachers, Parents and other community members.
  • Involve the entire school in your plans and projects. With all of those helping hands you create real change and make an even bigger impact.
  • Be inspired by the interests and passions of teachers and students when creating projects

4. Start Projects:
Do this by clicking the Start a New Project button on your My Projects

5. Publish Projects:
A school must publish a results page for at least ONE project in EACH of the 4 cornerstones. This will help you create a baseline, so that you can continue to increase participation and achievement each year. The GRS Evaluation team will review your published pages and determine award receipients based on these criteria: HOW TO EARN THE AWARD.

6. Watch the "How to Videos":
On the HELP page, find videos explaining how to Register, Start Projects, Invite Students to a Project, Create a Results page, Publish a Results page and much more.

Share Your Voice: Provide our Team with feedback using our Contact page. Tell us what you like and don't like, suggest changes to the site or program, and offer project ideas. This is your program; tell us how we can make it better.

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