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Fourth Grade Recycling Walk

By: chudson

[image] 4th grade walk


On Friday, May 17, 2013, a group of 125 4th grade students, 6 teachers, and 12 parent chaperones walked a mile through neighborhoods to a local park, Bear Creek. On their way to the park, the students picked up trash and recyclable items. 

Once at the park, the students decided what could be recycled and what was to be thrown in the trash.  All the recycleable items were placed in a recycling container. The students had been studying recycling in science and the terms biodegradable, compost, conservation, contaminant, ecology, ecologist and landfill.  They learned how to estimate how much waste takes up what amount in a landfill. The visuals that they saw in class supported them taking this field trip. The students measured how many containers they filled with the recyclable materials and the garbage. They filled 3 thirty-gallon containers with the recyclable material they picked up on their walk and at the park. This visual made them aware of the importance of disposing of your waste properly and not just assuming everything is trash. 

Upon their return from the walk, they reflected on ways that they could help with the problem. One way is to promote recycling more in school and with their families.They also discussed a recycling contest. Due to the lateness in the year, they were not able to follow through with the contest, but it is a possibility for the incomming fourth graders.


[image] recycling walk


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