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Healthivores: Drug Breakers

By: Airgility



About the game

 Jonas is a
drug addict who experiences a near death experience.  When a peculiar character heals him, he
explains to him to find a new outlet for his urgings or he will die. Jonas
doesn`t like this idea, but the character makes him for his own health, but no
one said it would be easy.


How to Play

 Help Jonas
break his addiction by obtaining willpower (points), battle his urgings
(enemies) head-on, and destroy his addiction once and for all! A word of advice
though: this man is stubborn,  not
thinking clearly, and hallucinating at times, so help Jonas and stick with it!
There is an end to all this madness!

[image] x pic [image] pills



Drugs- Addictive and Evil

are illegal, unhealthy, and affect the user physically and mentally. They
destroy families, can land you in jail, and/or lead to death if not stopped. Once
you start, you will find you can`t stop. Just don`t start drugs, they are life
controlling and breaking that addiction is a long and hard road.
Hallucinations, sickness, change in mood are just a few of the withdrawal
symptoms that may occur, but staying on drugs is even worse. Taking drugs can
also harm loved ones and anyone around you.



 This game is rated everyone 10 and up      



Think of your


Think of your future

Don`t destroy it   


[image] X Picture





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