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NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick Competitions

By: Hutsell PE

This year was the first year Hutsell Elementary ever participated in the NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick Competition. We hosted our own local competition in which all of our Kindergarten through 5th graders punted, passed and kicked the football. Students first participated in a football unit in physical education classes where they learned basic football skills, such as how to hold the football and what technique to use when throwing the football. Then we held our competition in late September.

Our top finishers for boys in girls in each of the age groups, went on to compete at the Sectional Competition in Texas City, in October. Then two of our students who finished first in their sectional, also qualified for the Regional Competition, at the Houston Texan Stadium in November.


NFL ​Punt, Pass, & Kick, 

​Regional Championships 

Houston Texan Methodist Training Center, Houston TX. 

November 29,2015

[image] PPK finals 1

Left to Right: Jaxon Allen, Coach Beer, Aaron Brashear, Coach Brashear

[image] Jaxons Family 

 The Allen Family and Coach Beer



Finalists at PPK Regional Competition

We had two students from Hutsell Elementary qualify for regionals at the Houston Texan Stadium this year!!! This is AMAZING, considering more than 10,000 students from the Houston area competed for a spot and only 40 students qualified for Regionals this year!


Jaxon Allen finished 3rd in the BOYS 6/7 age group!

Aaron Brashear finished 2nd in the BOYS 8/9 age group!

Great job Hornets!!!

Local Competition at Hutsell Elementary


​September 14-18, 2015


Here's the list of our winners this year for our Local Competition:


GIRLS 6/7                                                 GIRLS 8/9    

1st Jocelyn Rios                                    1st Celeste Guerrero 95'3"

2nd Alexa Almazan 42'3"                2nd Isabella Valdez 83'8"

3rd Yadi Silva Torres 39'8"             3rd Jasmine Melendez 77'8"


GIRLS 10/11                                             GIRLS 12/13

1st Breanna Daniels 126'10"          1st Angelina Garza 74'10"

2nd Kathleen King 120'10"              2nd Antonia Sierra 34'2"

3rd Swaye Hogan 107'4"


BOYS 6/7                                                BOYS 8/9

1st Jaxon Allen 119'4"                    1st Aaron Brashear 167'5"

2nd Daygen Polly 93'8"                   2nd Mathew Roman 141'4"

3rd Marco Chivleatto 85'6"         3rd Armando Rodriguez 141'0"


BOYS 10/11                                           BOYS 12/13

1st Jack Marshall 193'2"                 1st Anthony D'ecola 148'5"

2nd Diego Sanchez 185'11"           2nd Nathian Ayala 141'9"

3rd Adam Jackson 178'7"               3rd Sandro Rangel 76'5"​

NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick, Sectionals at College Station, TX. 

​Sunday, October 11, 2015, 2pm​

[image] Sectionals PPK

Winners for our Sectional Competition​ in Texas City:

GIRLS 6/7 

1st Place - Jocelyn Rios

GIRLS 8/9 

1st Place - Celeste Guerrero

GIRLS 10/11

1st Place - Breanna Daniels

BOYS 6/7

1st Place - Jaxon Allen

BOYS 8/9

1st Place - Aaron Brashear

BOYS 10/11

2nd Place - Jack Marshall​

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