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5th Grade Recycling

By: sclegg

[image] two blys emptying recycling box        

Fifth Grade students made plans for a better recycling program at Stonewall Jackson in the coming year.  They evaluated the current program by reviewing a survey given to teachers. 

[image] teacher survey   [image] student letter to custodians

They discovered that the custodians were throwing away the paper from recycling boxes in almost all the rooms of the school.  Some teachers even reported that the custodians had thrown away the recycling box itself, so they wrote a letter to the custodians explaining that the recycling boxes were for students to empty, and to please not throw away the boxes.  They translated it into Spanish to be sure the custodians understood.

[image] map of the school[image] Letter to Mr. Hart


Next, the fifth grade students marked off which rooms each fourth or fifth grade recycling team would empty. 

They noticed that they would need ten clear recycling bags each week and one hundred bags come in a box from the district service center.  It will cost $80 to buy four boxes of recyling bags for the year.  Their teacher explained that the budget would be short next year, but that if the assistant principal ordered the bags that the PTA would help pay for them.

The students wrote a letter to Mr. Hart, the assistant principal asking him to buy the bags, and they even included the number from the service center catalog. 

[image] Recycling portables

Hopefully, next year's recycling teams can get off to a good start.

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