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Kinder Trip to the Environmental Center

By: sclegg

[image] Kinder Field Trip

The five kindergarten classes went on a nature walk throught the Post Oak Preserve to observe the changes of the seasons in the fall.  They also observed evidence of the food chain in the forest.  The students found coyote scat and an armadillo habitat.  Evidence of animal activity was abundant although they didn't see any of those animals on the walk.


[image] Environmental Center Map

The Dallas County Post Oak Preserve
Through a special land use agreement established in 1993 between Dallas County and the Dallas school district, the Center is fortunate to be adjacent to one of Dallas County's most beautiful natural areas, the Dallas County Post Oak Preserve. This 334-acre area is primarily woodland and provides yet another environment for visitors to explore. The preserve is dedicated for educational purposes, protected from development and exists to provide green space and guard against urban sprawl. All species within the Preserve are protected. The preserve is managed by the Environmental Center, which uses the trail system extensively in its educational programs. More than two miles of nature trails have been created in the Preserve winding along heavily wooded creeks, small meadows, thickets, Post Oak parks and savannas. In the center of the preserve there is a twelve-acre lake which is a frequent stopping place for waterfowl and other wildlife. The Preserve is a diverse and scenic area providing a glimpse of what north Texas was like before settlement and development. The Preserve is open the year round from dawn until dusk. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the preserve.

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