Project Title: Shutter Bugs
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Shutter Bugs

By: Barbara Uskovich

Mr. Painter has always believed in putting power in the student's hands when it comes to the garden.  Mr. Painter always has his camera in his pocket to record insect activity because in one second it can vanish.

[image] Mr. Painter, camera

Students began asking if they too could bring cameras. Of course the answer was yes, with written parent permission.  Students begin to look like little Mr. Painters exploring the garden. 

[image] Manon & Mr. Painter

The level of interest rose and students helped one another with observations.

[image] Elizabeth & Stephanie, camera

The Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillar was ready to be famous.

[image] girls, camera, caterpillar

When caterpillars were discovered on the playground it became another opportunity to document.

[image] Zachary w/camera

Lab explorations were shot to show parents at home.

[image] Cage w/camera

This little guy was recorded before being feed to the chickens in the chicken coop.

[image] Mr. Painter teaching Briggs

Any afternoon spent with Mr. Painter is a learning opportunity.

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