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Energy - Alternative Energy
Organic Batteries Christine Gysin Sep 16,2012
Recycle/Waste - Trade/Reuse Program
Paper Conservation Christine Gysin Sep 16,2012
Green Spaces - Other
Future City Christine Gysin Sep 16,2012
Green Spaces - Creating Outdoor Learning Space
Literature & Math in the Courtyard Garden Christine Gysin Jun 15,2013
Green Spaces - Other
Science Fair/Earth Day Prayer Service Christine Gysin Jun 15,2013

Nature Adventure

Exploration and Play - Outdoor Free Time
Outdoor Recess Christine Gysin Sep 16,2012
Exploration and Play - Wildlife Habitat
Wild Turkeys Christine Gysin Jun 16,2013

Health & Fitness

Health Education - Healthivores VG Contest
Healthivores Christine Gysin Nov 16,2012
Healthy Lifestyles - Healthy Lifestyle Plan
Jump Rope & Hoops for Heart Christine Gysin Jun 15,2013
National Food Day Christine Gysin Dec 1,2012
Fitness & Physical Education - Special Events
Field Day Christine Gysin Jun 15,2013
Fitness & Physical Education - Fitness Curriculum
Outdoor Exercise Christine Gysin Sep 16,2012
Fitness & Physical Education - Special Events
Project ACES Christine Gysin Jun 15,2013

Natural Classrooms

Field Investigation - Garden as a Classroom
Courtyard Garden Christine Gysin Sep 16,2012
Professional Dev & Leadership - Greenprint
Greenprint Challenge - St. Paul Interparochial School Christine Gysin Sep 13,2012
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association